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Hi Guys, does someone knows how to do a google sheet that will automatically update every period of time established (1h,12h,1day) account stats in this way:

Account - Followers - Engagement

No need to have historical data but everyday the data will be overwritten.


Hey buddy, I don’t want to be rude, but there’s an amazing and cutting edge technology in the right upper corner of your screen called the Search that works pretty well. You should give it a try.

That said, I’ve used it for you and you may wan to check this excellent thread…


Very kind of you teaching me how to search, but it’s not the thing I’m looking into.
This is a sort of socialblade for one account, showing the daily stats.

I need a sheet with all the accounts without the historical data, like the ones that uses people selling accounts. Example:

Account1 - Followers1 - Engagement1
Account2 - Followers2 - Engagement2
Account3 - Followers3 - Engagement3

If you read the article it shows you how to do that

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I saw that there is but it’s too complicated, you have to do all the previous procedures for all the accounts and then having a sheet that summarize all the other sheets. It’s like starting building a skyscraper when you need only a small house. Imagine doing 500 sheets only to have one summarizing everything.

I’m aware of the search button and of the @obbeit great post about the Analytics Tool.

After that, does someone knows if there is a way to have only a sheet and script listing all your accounts along with followers and engagement, autoupdated every hour?

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You can’t do it in a sheet. It’s better to use other external service. Especially if you have a lot of accounts…
I can make you a script that updates every hour. But Instagram doesn’t like that you scrape data from their site, so they’ll block the connection temporarily.

RESULTS = the script will not extract data.
(NOT) SOLUTION = using proxies in the script, but you can’t…

Just pm @francescovaglia from OwlStat and maybe he can give you a dashboard at a reasonable price :love_you_gesture:


I can give you a whitelabel version of if you want.

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Thanks a lot for the mention!
If you want a dashboarding system that allows you to check how your profiles are going, check OwlStat! We can talk also about a better price for the users of this forum :slight_smile:

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You can install
and set how often the data will be updated :slight_smile:


When you say “don’t mean to be rude” and then follow up with something that sounds rude anyways it comes across as passive-aggressive.


Totally. Thank you for making that point clear to everyone.


can u give me a link to that post please?

The link is already in this thread; just read further up. @lordsw posted it.

How to install that? No instructions whatsoever :S

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All you need to do is set up a web server, database, domain, queue, cron and everything works: D

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Meh, who needs statistics anyways