Instagram growth ads on fb

I have recently noticed I cant send a link on facebook to any Ig growth service and am just getting an error message. I was thinking of using fb ads to advertise my IG growth company but i am now concerned that it might get blocked.

Has anyone advertised their smm growth businesses on FB? Surely its not against iGs ToS to manage someones Ig account (unless its botting ofc)

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Sounds quit daring! I am also interested in knowing.

Ive seen many of these ads before and not too much lately… Shouldn’t it be illegal to use fb ads to promote service that violate ig terms. I promoted my service with Google adwords but too much competition it got saturated and expensive fast and since 1 year ago they block ads that include words such as followers, so you have to be creative to find other good converting keywords.

Work on the content on your website, I never pay for ads on any of my websites or businesses.

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