Instagram Growth Followers


Hi Guys,

I run a watch page for a brand, and lately my reach and impression have dropped by half.
Even the ads i run i noticed i dont grow much followers, do you have any tips ? I did not change the content and i know it is usually working well.

What are your tips to grow your business ?

Thank you so much


Many people are dealing with similar engagement drops, here’s another topic just created today about it


We are using masslooking it increases a reach very good while there are no limits


Not much can be done now. My best accounts down by 80%. It’s just one of those periods. I’m waiting until its over.
Edit. You can usually tell when explore feed showing accounts posts weeks old


80%?? That is so comforting for me since I have read many of your posts and know about the success of your accounts. If you have that kind of decrease then I should not worry that much about me.


What does it tell exactly?


It ain’t showing newer ones so they can’t be liked and reduces ER


Is that a problem with IG or a problem with the account in particular?


Its a feed issue so it’s IG


Follow the followers of your competitors so you can hijack their traffic and convert warm leads!


Hi! Can I ask you what your results are?