Instagram Growth Method 2020 #1

Hello friends & mpsocial community

Since the giveaway is over (great tutorials shared and input by the way), I’ve decided that I will share our methods one by one. This is the first and definitely not the last!

What do I need for this method?

This method does not require bots, it’s not Follow/Unfollow and does not require clients credidentials - but they certainly help.

  • 2-5min daily
  • 10+ amount of accounts or DM engagement group or 0.40$ per day
  • Ability to write with common sense
  • If you have Verified account - the method just escalates way higher

How does the method work?

When you scroll down the feed… you stop at this beautiful picture with 7K likes. What else do you see?

Two comments.

In our world that means: Those two comments are getting at least 70% of post REACH and IMPRESSIONS.

Quick example: 70% of 7K LIKES is 4900. 5% visit profile retention of 4900 is 245 profile visits. If a comment is in a same niche, has a great bio and great profile photo. You are looking at 20% follow back retention from 245 profile visits. Thats exactly 49. Keep in mind - these are only LIKES.

Now it’s our job to make sticky comment be yours!


  • Preferably - Comment in first 0-5 minute mark - after 5 minute mark, first wave of exposure goes off. This is where you miss the wave.
  • Let the targets where you will be commenting in your niche.
  • NO SPAM comments. example: Follow me, Check my account out etc.
  • Comment something nice/funny/related to the picture
  • Comment on account that have 700k-1m followers/1m-2m followers
  • Search for targets that don’t have much verified accounts comments
  • Verified account comment is stickied to the post automatically.
  • Instagram algorith of putting comments to sticky comment is:
VC = Verified Comment
NC = Normal Comment
MVC = Most liked Verified Comment
MNC = Most liked Normal Comment

MNC/MNC2 or 
MVC/MVC2 or 
MNC/VC or 


First put your targets under Close Friends list and turn on Instagram notification. That way you will be able to react fast enough.
You can also use First Comment bot being first in the line is your priority.

Then follow any of these approaches.

  1. Use your other accounts to boost up the comment likes.
  2. Use your DM Engagement Group to boost up the comment likes.
  3. Use SMM Panel that offers comment likes (I do not advise that but I heard it works well)

You usually need 20-50 comment likes to be first in a generic photo.


Results were tested on several accounts:
1-2 comments a day = 1000-2000 monthly followers
2-5 comments a day = 2500-4500 monthly followers

Results can vary dependant on accounts - we tested only high quality accounts in Fitness niche, Photography niche and CBD/Hemp industry.

I believe you all already knew all that but still it was worth of a share AND a lot of people are keep forgetting about this method.

Boost your followers and engagement rate now!



Interesting method man. What fitness pages did you experiment on?

How do you check photo likes? I don’t see them anymore

Thanks for sharing, sounds very good!


I don’t see the 2 comments, checked on Iphone and Android. Not sure if I’m missing something!
I scrolled the feed and just see it like this:

II’ve checked aswel. Sometimes you don’t see any comments, but sometimes I see 1 or 2 comments.

When. I see the two comments is bec the post author replies to a comment.
Did you check is not that what you saw?