Instagram Growth Services? What do you think?

Hey guys,

I start to offer growth services for other Instagrammer, who haven’t the knowledge that we have.

I want to ask you about your opinion regarding prices and packages?

My main thought was to offer just a Basic - Silver and Gold Package.

Follow, Unfollow

for 29€/month

Basic Features
++ Posting/Content Scheduling (max. 21 per week),
++ Weekly Analysis

for 59€/month

Silver Features
++ Monthly review of the account
++ in-depth analysis
++ advice to improve the account
++ Hashtag analysis/help
++ monetizing strategies

for 149€/month


Prices seem good. There’s a lot of users here who manages other users IG and they are charging way more than you are charging. Let’s see if they will share their thoughts about this.

I like the tiered pricing - it’s a good way to upsell. And the pricing seems reasonable to me, although maybe a little low for the gold tier, since most of that work can’t be automated. Any reason why you don’t offer other SM accounts, like Twitter?

I provide primarily follow/unfollow for growth, and you can see my pricing here:

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Yes, you are right. I should increase the price for the Gold Package to at least 250€.

But I guess I’ll add a mentoring services for 50€/hour, where I can help my customers with the features I offer in the Gold Package.

And yes, I know your page @mprocks we talked on FB for a while. :slight_smile:

Currently I am not offering any other SM services, because my main expertise is Instagram. I never used MP for Twitter tbh.

Sounds good, but clients also want to see how their follower’s number grow.
Are you going to promise them some specific growth (for ex. XXX followers per month)?

If you could promise and of course deliver it, that would lure them to try your service.

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You can’t gurantee that. It’s impossible.

It depends on the content the customer posts.

I will just target the specific audience, but I can prove my expertise by giving some metrics like 250% growth in 5 days, 1.700 followers in 12 days or sth. like that.

But as you know Content is the main key to success and if your content sucks no one will follow you.

I guess my customers will understand that. If not, they could purchase a Skype mentoring service or the Gold package, if they want to know what good engaging content is.

One of my pictures got 135k likes last month. So I guess I have some kind of experience with that. :slight_smile:


Yes, I know it’s not possible to guarantee it, but based on your experience you can predict some numbers, or at least try it :smiley:

Content is the key, that’s a fact, I tell that to our customers all the time, but some do not understand:
We provide tools for automation - we do not guarantee followers. Our tools will help you to get attention of users, but it’s up to you to keep their attention and make them follow you by posting great content :slight_smile:

Just to make something clear, I’m just trying to help here. Maybe you could offer them couple of days of free trial. If you get them some followers and increase engagement during that period, they’ll probably keep using the service.

If they don’t get followers, their content sucks and they’re not worth your time, since all you’ll get with those clients are issues.

This! That’s why i think you must not offer that cheap services. 29$ a month will get you 299$ of headache by that kind of customers. They will expect a 10k a month followers with 50% engagement for 29$…

Go for the bigger clients, there is plenty of fish out there. Start from 250$ and up. In my opinion, it’s much better to have 10 clients paying 250 a month then 100 paying 25 a month. Less work, better ROI, and less headache…

Good luck!



This is really smart. I’ve tended to shift away from doing the follow / unfollow on client accounts, partly because I tend to work with some well known personalities so they can’t be seen to doing the bulk following thing, but also because you have to keep it very safe to risk bans. I now work more on getting clients in similar niches then build up 3-5 big hub accounts of my own and then use those to boost them.

Well said Danny, couldn’t agree more.

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Thanks Danny! I thought the same yesterday after I calculated the possible workload for smaller customers, but I guess bigger customers are harder to acquire.

Do you guess are so open that you would share your method how to reach out to potential big customers? Cold calling?

Thank you all for the tips! I really appreciate it!

short answer because on mobile.

Check this topic:

Also you can search for some big webstores and check their instagram account. If its bad, you can reach out to them and sent them an offer they cant refuse. share your knowledge with them.

you can participate on fora for entrepeneurs. share your experience there, dont spam. The question will come.

You can use your friends network. Tell all your friends and family what you can do and Any customer they will bring in, you will pay them the first 2 months that the client is paying. After tbat they still receive 15% of every month the client is still a client.

Advertise your service here and other big fora.

Good luck!