Instagram Growth Stuck

Hello Guys,
I am new to this forum and also to Instagram Marketing.
I need to know how to hit explore, because I have 2 clients which post normal pictures(not viral types daily) Accounts are in fitness niche.
I am currently using powerlikes 100k+ accounts.
I have tried follow/unfollow.
Tried to boost engagements from telegram groups.
But again the growth is stuck to 1k-1.5k followers a month.
I want to know a way to increase this growth and how to hit explore because the posts are getting average 2k-3k reach with approx same impressions.

Whats the engagement on the posts?

hey how how do you use telegram groups for interaction if you don’t mind asking

Your powerlikes best be in same niche as well as your other groups. Tell them to post different pictures and experiment with developing a ‘style’ of their own. You gave your own answer to your question. Content…better it must be.

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