Instagram has changed the limits for UNFOLLOW!

Guys, Instagram has changed the limits for UNFOLLOW!
This is not a mass issue, but worthy of our attention.
Try to unfollow no more 200-400 profiles per day.

What do you think of this change?


Goodmorning, you just woke up? Might have missed the other topics about it… :thinking:


the news is now official, before we only had suspicions about the blocks.

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Thats what im doing :wink:

Where did you find this information?

I work for Instagram :shushing_face:


My follow action was temporarily blocked for 24 hrs, during this period when I started unfollow tool with 10-15 a day. It also got blocked without doing single unfollow.

Now we know why instagram knows a lot about our jarvee settings :joy::joy:


Do you have a clear proof for the limits on unfollow and for the threshold of 200-400?

That would mean f/uf would be getting harder in general, not just for software users but also for manual f/uf.

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Exact we’ll have more difficulties with F/U method.

Only I.A. can save us :thinking:

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Do you have a PROOF for limits on unfollow? @GramMaster

Stop saying myth & theories when you do not have tested it yourself please :sunglasses:

  • I actually had an Unfollow block with only “1 unfollow” on an account that just restarted to work again after a few days.

- No such limits.

  • Just a API block that will get blown away, i hope, with the new Jarvee update incoming (Unfollow with EB when API block).

So pleaaase :egg::hatching_chick::hatched_chick::rooster:

This is insane… Like blocks, hard follow blocks, now unfollow limits. What’s next? 5 hashtag limit? 1 post per day? (I’m joking). Instagram is killing his own network…


I mean, spamming follows and likes didn’t really add true value to its platform. Just made it more spammy, which may of helped them with numbers for their stock holders. They’re making their platform more authentic. Which is definitely making my life harder, but is a smart business move on their part in my eyes.


@ErikL You didn’t read my post ?

A few accounts got blocked from Unfollowing, with all differents settings.

Some got blocked after 1 unfollows, some after 60, some after 20.

Some did 2000 unfollows these last 30 days, some didn’t even do 500.

Read again, I did the tests, thanks :

“Unfollow block with only “1 unfollow” on an account that just restarted to work again after a few days.”

To me, what happened on this account is clearly not linked to a limit for the unfollow tool.


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400 yesterday, no block whatsoever. 1 month old account running on 4g proxy


How many in the past week/month?

I do 150 unfollows max a day and am facing the blocks

Is your 4g proxy in the same country where your clients reside?
I am in the US and I use HC 4g proxies, which are in Thailand.
I constantly receive temporary blocks.

Change proxies to closer locations, it may help. Btw never used HC proxies, but many people are complaining about blocks with these proxies