Instagram Hashtags strategies and rules 2021

Instagram Hashtags strategy and rules to help you
Grow your Instagram account in 2021

Instagram Hashtags requires a little effort but
They can lead more people’s that are interested in your content right to your profile

So watch the strategies I shared and let me know if you have any other questions


nice work on the video production. However, knowing this community, why not include the summary for us here who read a lot?


I agree haha. Got no time to watch a video. Got time to skim read though


I watched 2x. Mostly the same old stuff from any other blog, to be frank…

No big hashtags (I disagree, you can use big ones in your strategy),
use 30 tags (again can use less with no problems, some cases you can grow with NONE if you read through the forums),
search your hashtags (ofc),
hide tags in stories (ya but I’m pretty sure they patched this and limited it)…

Sorry for the roast but has to be said when these forums go way deeper than surface level basics.


:pray: Thanks, next time I have to write

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Thanks for your feedback my friend

Using tags don’t mean it’s only way to grow
It’s a strategy of making your content be in the right audience ,

Actually with Hashtags there’s no more new updates

What we need to know is a strategy of using them in the right way when we need them

Using hashtags in the stories
Requires you to use Hashtags which
Also other Audience are using in their stories

And when you add more
You will always get new Audience in your Instagram stories

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Hashtags don’t even show stories anymore, which makes using hashtags in stories useless.


When using Hashtags well in stories
You will always get new Audience in your stories

@Prince_social_swag one thing i did not know from your video, was about the hashtag tool you mentioned…

Very interesting how they show the stats for many tags on a single page… thanks mate!

I’m sure others will like this tool, as well.

Here are some screenshots for others to see:
(I’m not affiliated with these)

Link: Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram (AI-based pickup)


Yes My friend @tripleyourtribe
I’m not affiliated to that tool too
But I’m always trying to
Recommend the tools that are accessible for all people’s
To help them reach their goals

Anyway I appreciate your feedback
It means a lot to me :pray::pray::pray:


thanks for sharing man

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interesting and very helpful video, thanks for sharing with the community Prince :pray:

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I’m glad for your feedback @Luca