Instagram HELP ME please!

So I just recently created an Instagram page that is linked to my personal one. I posted about 10 pictures with the same hashtags (3 hashtags). All the sudden, it stopped letting me post pictures to my new page. I will upload a picture, and it shows as uploaded, and when I go back to my main page it is just not there. As if it were never posted. What should I do? anyone that can help me out here? thank you

What was the time interval between the 10 posts? You may have triggered a soft block. And have you let the account rest 24 hours ?

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It is a new account so I tried to upload all of my pictures one by one but after so many it stopped posting them. Should I be able to post more after 24 hours?

What this guy said :+1::+1:

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Since it’s a brand new account, I would let it rest a few days, honestly. But you could test again in 24 hours. If it works when you test, I would just leave it at one post and call it a day