Instagram help needed from experts:p

Hey guys recentlly I have made about 15 isntagram accounts to promote a product I am selling.

Instagram only allows me to have 5 accounts on my phone. the other 10 accounts I need to access very quickly as I get DMs all the time from customers. login in and out every time is a headache, is there any other way to have all 15 accounts on my pc and to be able to access them at the same time and also the other 10 accounts have a seperate proxy so I need to be able to put the proxies on the other 10 accounts.

You can download Instagram from the Windows Store so that’s 5 accounts

For the rest, just use an emulator and download Instagram on it.

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Send @Adnan a PM. If I remember correctly he has a tool for that purpose. I have been using it with big success, so I can highly recommend asking him for his list of Instagram tools.


You could always just buy a couple of cheap smartphones that can run Instagram, the lower end models aren’t very expensive anymore these days…:genie:

thats true I could be I would still be using the wifi for internet right? as I have 10 instagram accounts and each have a different proxy correct me if I am wrong do.

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Don’t bother with the trouble, PM @Adnan about his Instagram Tools list.

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how do I message him I am new to this website

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Click on >> @Adnan << and then the blue message button.


Thank you Henry all good!

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I have 5 on my phone and another 5 on my ipad, works fine.

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