Instagram Hiding follower counts

Hi Guys,

Do you know when Instagram will be hiding the Follower Accounts. I heard that they already started doing some tests in some country!!!

What do you think about this?

Wow that would be stupid and annoying

Maybe you mean likes count not follower…

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No I meant followers

Never heard of that, only heard of them testing hiding like count

Maybe a fake new ?

His profile is banned. Fake news… who the hell would have thought that hiding followers count is a good idea? if so, then i will lie to companies that i have 10m followers lol

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fake news obviously

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my theory is IG will get tons of backlash and they will make it an optional feature in the settings where you can turn ON/OFF follower and likes count

Thats a fake news guys lol

No worries buddy a thing like that is not going to happen.

This is just stupid now. Imagine Youtube hiding view and subscriber counts.
They should just focus on removing fake accounts that people buy.