Instagram hiding the following requests sent?

I’ve noticed that in the last couple of weeks the % of follow backs and even the % of people accepting my requests have been incredibly small. sometimes zero. The requests show up as sent though. Is it possible that for certain accounts IG simply doesn’t deliver notification to the end user? The request is there, but people didn’t receive anything

I never heard something like that happen to IG accounts. On twitter it’s possible for target accounts not to receive notifications when our account gets shadowbanned. have you tried following your other accounts to see if they will get notifications after the account followed them?

you mean a shadowban, that that doesn’t happen on IG what could happen is that the accounts that you are contacting are not the best audience for your account hence no follow back.

Yeah, but we’re talking about a massive decrease. I did change the demographics i’m following. I went from younger girls with usually more followers to the late 20’s early 30’s, usually 500 followers max. I guess these people simply don’t accept requests that easily, or maybe aren’t as active on IG.

Same thoughts as Luca above, and you are following private accounts, right? So yes, there’s a possibility that these users do not accept requests that easily since they would not set their account to private if they want to interact with anyone they do not personally know.

Right. Although my personal account has 4k followers, mostly people with private account from my area. So private accounts do follow back. This is mostly girls under 30. Usually, following 40-50 people a day would give me around 10 followers. Now it’s probably 1 or 2.

try to make a small change on your sources just to test and see how it goes.

Probably, that’s the main reason. Go back to your previous audience.