[Instagram] How much is it possible to earn with 100 accounts?

Hi. Having 100 instagram accounts with 100k followers (engagement rate 10-15%), how much is it possible to earn with them daily?
Better to do shoutouts, promotions, CPA, affiliate?

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Between 0 and 10,000.

  • Are the followers real?
  • Are all accounts in the same niche or different ones?
  • What content do you share?
  • Where do you get it from?
  • How often do you post?
  • Have your promoted any products before?
  • What are the general demographics of your audience?
  • How old are the accounts?
  • How did you build them?

All of this and much more will go into determining how much you can make.

There is no one answer. Nothing is better than the rest. Test out different things and find something that works for YOU.

The worst, I repeat, the worst thing you can do is base your monetization on what someone tells you on an online forum. You know your accounts best.

Conclusion: test, test, test!


You can have over 150k followers and have trash engagement. That means your account is worthless…

No, I am saying instagram accounts with 10-15% engagement rates. Those are trash accounts with fake followers :slight_smile: