Instagram, how to access the hidden “shares“ insight

  1. question: Is there someone a list of countries that hide shares? I moved out of EU finally to Japan, and I still don’t see the shares. Now it says its hidden in Japan too. Also, when I visited New York for 2 weeks in December I also couldn’t see the shares.

  2. question: Will vpn help me to see these statistics? Will it work for new posts only or for all of them? I use express vpn, does that help? Which country do I need to select?

I’m desperate to see the share statistics.

I would like to hear other people’s opinions as well. Are you certain that geolocation is only affecting that?

Could you see statistics when you were in Europe?
Maybe it depends on your account? Business or personal account?

Europe doesnt show shares. No, it doesnt depend on the account.

I only noticed this on my girlfriends account today. I don’t have it on my accounts. May be testing it out on some people.

What do you mean? What do you notice? In which country are you? Its a fact that it doesn’t work in EU. And it is not an error or account based or anything. Its also not a “test” on some people. It doesn’t work for EU for years now and you can google that. It’s the EU law that doesn’t allow Facebook to track messages.
My question is in which other countries it also doesn’t work and how to bypass it.

Actually it does work but only of the story has been shared that day. If you mean the story share? Or are you talking about a different one?

IG releases different things for different people. Not everyone gets upgraded at once. Not sure why. One of my accounts always gets new things way before the other and they are on the same phone.

Im from New Zealand.

I am talking about the normal post insights. When you click “insights” under a post. Not about stories. I know that not everyone is upgraded at once, but this is not an upgrade. Its just EU being trash as always. Im just shocked that Japan is the same now. Just be happy that you are in New Zealand.

Im not talking about stories, but it doesn’t matter what it is, EU prohibits showing of any shares, that’s why it is hidden, and that is the issue here.

Oh weird, just noticed the story thing today so thought you meant that. Just be careful if you use a vpn

I am from Germany and I can see share insights on my posts. But only the amount of shares, not the specific people.

No, that’s impossible. You cant see shares in Germany. Do you have a picture?

Sorry you’re right. I was looking at saves not shares. Can’t see them either

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“Are You Guys Talking about this” ???

Yes, for us its just “-”