(Instagram ) how to increase follow back ratio

i know a guy who does just 150 follow and unfollow and gets 30-40 followers average on almost all accounts, is there anyway to get that follow back ratio, are there some techniques which i can try

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Very simple,just follow these steps and you will get these:

1.Follow the most recent users from big and active accounts who gain 100-1000s daily.
2.Go to the explore page,click on any picture which is related to your niche and follow it’s more recent followers.
3.Follow recents of users who are also doing the follow-unfollow method.

Let me know if this helped you,Thanks and give it a try and I am sure you will see good changes.

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thanks, yes i think it will help me because i do actions manually,

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is there anyway to see most recent followers of any account using instagram app, does it show most recent by default ?

The top followers of any account are their most recent followers.

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oke thanks for help

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small advice, like one or two posts after following as this will increase the follow back ratio by a lot


very good sources are the key, when you follow users that you know are interested on your niche the probability that they will folow you back is high.

if you use automation you can specify all that, plus, automatically like posts of those users.


thanks for the tip

yes but the goal is to achieve good fbr manually

Invest some time in sources research, finding good sources is the most important thing based on which you will get the results. Getting most resent followers or your competition or accounts from the same niche will enable you to find users that are at the moment interested in products or services that you offer.


Heres a tip which I think some people miss out, make sure you following less then 200 accounts,
That way who ever land on your page will notice the low following and consider you a real one and not a spam acc.
Seeing alot 2k(followers)/4k+(following) could be so different picture if he just remove to 200+/- following


Personal account / influencer wannabe: Go to your followers and pick one who posted recently and who lives in country you want followers from. Then follow cca. 100 people who liked their last post(s). Chances are those people will follow back because they’ll see their friend is following you and assume you are acquaintances.

Niche account: Google 20-30 most popular stores in your target country within the same niche and follow people from their last post (the more recent the post the better).

I get a ton of follow backs with this method and only from the countries I want!

Liking while following helps, of course :slight_smile:


What is your follow-back ratio for personal accounts in this way?

I’ve had some decent followback from that approach in the past, although I’ve noticed that they tend to unfollow pretty quickly more often than not… which is peculiar.

Makes me wonder if they actually ask their mutual contact and unfollow after they find out we’re strangers :thinking:

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I don’t know the exact percentage since I do that manually from my phone, but it’s very good. I get 50-100 followers per day (I do 200-400 follows)

Bonus tip: Whenever someone follows back, go to their profile and like 2-3 random photos :slight_smile:
That will show appreciation and you will get likes back!


If I do Follow Unfollow,the followback ratio is around 20-35% everytime.

I don’t like any of their photos but just give them a follow and get these followback percentages.

do im missing something out with all the methods running over here, i gain this week 500 followers, only explore, should I start add actions? Im just afriad this days ig knows tooo much about us(?)

Yeah if we do manually it helps in gaining the trust.

Jesus you all doing follow/unfollow? This is literally method to kill your account