Instagram impressions

Hi, the impressions on our Instagram has dropped dramatically from 4,200,000 in feb to now 500,000 in December. Our reach went from 2,500,000 now 200,000.
What is happening? Is it just the platform dying or is it us? Our content is the same and all organic. What can we do?? :weary:

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I’ve seen reach go down as well from similar numbers, but a few adjustments to our content have helped to combat it and are driving it back up to more than before:

  1. More video
  2. More reels (we hit 5.5 million views on one reel)
  3. More specialisation in one niche
  4. More authentic personality

Ok thank you. We do specialise in one niche bit videos is the tricky part. Will definitely try though. Thanks for these suggestions

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You’re welcome!

Is it for the acrylic nails/beauty niche you mention in your bio?

If so, I’d go and find the top creators on TikTok and Reels and take a lot of inspiration from them. Copying is too strong a word, but put your own spin on it.

Sorry that the advice is a bit generic - applying more specific techniques from our niche can be difficult.


Yeah it’s nails, no it’s good advice. We need to do something drastic


How about posting stories?

If it’s for nails, maybe you can put up videos on the process of how you do it, that kinda categorizes as ASMR sometimes too so it may capture other’s attention due to the ASMR part even if they are not into the nails/beauty thingy

Yeah we do all of that, we have a great account but it’s to do with the algorithm I’m sure. It’s just such a rapid decline from years of always going up​:chart_with_upwards_trend::weary:

Have you previously tried paying IG for ads? We’ve had a couple of users discuss here on the forum that their engagements declined after paying for ads. It’s like IG’s strategy of making you want to pay them more.