Instagram in combination with Pinterest


so I’m wondering. Is anyone here using pinterest in combination with IG? IG marketing and growing is my main thing. However Pinterest is almost as simple and largely used for fashion, diy, … Has anyone used it in a mother child way to grow their IG even more? Although I’m growing well again almost at the same speed as before the blocks I would want to avoid a full loss of growth again in the future. Have a side thing to keep my IG growing.

Any thoughts?


I use Pinterest bro, but not really in combination with IG, I use it mostly to generate traffic, but the past days since the update of the 2nd of July there is a bug, the follow tool is not working, need to be updated!!
My thoughts: the tools need to be improved to allow us to target better and randomize better the actions!!


I made one account just for fun to see what it would do and over the past 30 days it has grown between 500 and 1000 followers. The pins could redirect to your IG. So i’m not experiencing any bugs here i think. I just let it do it’s thing so i’m never actually looking at it.


great idea, but as I said my ultimate goal is traffic so no need to redirect to IG :slight_smile:, but could be good for others!!

What kind of traffic are you referring to? Traffic from your pinterest to your IG is also considered traffic? Resulting in sales, story views, follows, likes, comments,…

I use combinaison of methods to drive targeted traffic to my websites!! IG and p interest are just 25% of my arsenal!!

In that case wat’s the other 75% :smiley: I’m willing to start new and extra strategies. That’s the reason for questioning Pinterest.

I am also trying to do this, but I got my first account banned when only doing low amount of actions (Got it back tho). Do you also repin, follow, unfollow and like? I do 10 repins daily and 100 follows (will increase the follows to 300).

What limits do you use?

This is an interesting platform I need to get interested in it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I literally thought the same a few days ago and set up a few accounts to link back to my main IG lol

Some people are doing crazy numbers with Pinterest here (some guy had like 40 000 clicks monthly) so getting some of that traffic to point back to your iG would be a great addition to normal algo hacking + mother child method

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Is there any limitation in order of following and unfollowing, liking and commenting on pinterest? Anything you believe is worth taking in consideration before jumping into it?
Or is it like instagram in early days, no real limits yet??

It’s quite hard to automate I think.was on very low settings and received a ban. Just test it, like everybody will. But it won’t be as easy as IG in the early years.

This is actually a really good idea. I’m interested in knowing if anybody else is doing this and what their monthly results are.

I get a daily 50+ followers per pinterest ‘child’. I just made one for fun. Running on a DC proxy and just sitting there growing. Just hoping to see someone do it aswell and willing to share some results to see if it’s worth it.


Can you elaborate on what you use? Just repin and f/uf? And what max are you using as I got blocked with less than 100 follows daily with humanlike intervals… @oneoneseven

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So, you are redirecting all the traffic of the pinterest child accounts to your main INstagram account? Or are you redirecting it to the Pinterest main account?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

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interesting idea…

Interesting idea but I’ve never used Pinterest.

A step by step guide on how to use Pinterest as a slave would be much appreciated!

Sorry to bring up this thread again but I’m thinking about doing something similar.

What was your experience with it?

I think it makes sense do set up similar slave account methods on all kinds of social networks to funnel them all to your IG or directly to your website if you are selling things and also just to grow general brand awareness and influencers status.

Thinking about Pinterest, twitter and Facebook mostly but no idea if something like m/s is possible and effective on there.

What’s your strategy? Been thinking of getting into the Pinterest game for some time now.