[instagram influencer]Anyone who is one already?

I’d like to hear from someone who has been there before myself. Here I read mainly about people monetizing thanks to selling accounts, sending people from IG to an internet page with ADS, selling stuff and advertising through IG. That is all very interesting and I learned a lot, but I’d like to read something also on a different topic (as per the thread title) as I’d like to get some money that way.

At how many followers did you start to earn money?
Did you reach out to sponsors or did they contact you?
How long ago was it (as 5years ago was very different from now)?

About my account: fitness niche. Started mid September. Exponential growth (at the beginning I knew nothing about IG, the more I read and learn the better it grows of course). Now I have 4.4K followers and grow at a rate of about 100-140 a day (last 4 days). 500-1000likes per picture (seems a good engagement to me, compared to huge account who only have 2k likes and 50-100K followers).

Thanks for your help and thanks to MP Team as before getting to know their software my growth rate was a lot slower as I did not have time to stay all day on my phone.


Nice to see different approach.

I read “influencers on Instagram” earn pretty good, anywhere between $50 - 500 per post, depends on their engagement, number of followers and sponsors (companies) they promote. Of course, celebrities do much more.

With 4.4K followers you’re still far from that, you’ll need at least 100K followers to be considered as an influencer (I haven’t made up this, I read it :smiley: ) and before sponsors decide to contact you. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Thank you for using Mass Planner and keep up, you already had a really good start!

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You are right Adnan, I definitely need more followers, but by looking around other accounts on instagram I see people with 10-15K followers and 200-300 likes + 20-40 comments who already receive free stuff ranging from cheap things (5€ phone cover) to other more expensive things (160€ watches). Seems not bad already to me.

To get real money (I read the same you read) surely you need more followers and engagement though, but I’ll get there :stuck_out_tongue:

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