Instagram Insights - Something really weird going on

Hi all,

I’ve just checked my instagram insights on the app (business page). I noticed something extremely strange on the audience chart (number of follows and unfollows in the last 7 days.

It’s saying that my whole audience (41k), unfollowed me on sunday and then refollowed me again on Monday.

Anyone else experienced this? (p.s. my followers are NOT fake).


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That’s weird, looks more like an IG system glitch. Most of the accounts i manage are set to business, None of them show the glitch however.

it is happened to me but I am not convinced about the day whether it is sunday or any other day

Weird stuff, I didn’t see this on my business accounts. It must be some glitch on their side. Check again later if you will still see the same data.

For those wondering, this is what it looks like…very strange indeed

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It looks like they all decided to unfollow you on Sunday and decided to follow you again on Monday :joy:

hahaha crazy stuff, I think it’s just a glitch on their side :laughing: something IG is getting too much excited :laughing:

First time hearing that. I haven’t noticed anything similar to that. Obviously some sort of glitch.