Instagram introducing "unfollow suggestions" feature

Ok this is, or could be, a game changer for absolutely ruining engagement. Especially for those people who do follow/unfollow.

My thinking is that people will use it aggressively, as they have those crappy store apps that tell you who has unfollowed and instantly unfollow back, but now everyone will encouraged to unfollow people who Instagram’s shitty algorithm decides to never show your content to, and as a result they’ll then potentially unfollow you.

Sounds like a great way to totally wreck the platform in my opinion. It basically gives everyone a follow/unfollow tool built in, but worse, it’s driven by the bad algorithm which may result in a really toxic place.

What do you all think about this?


You can guess which accounts IG is going to recommend to unfollow…
accounts doing F/UF to grow (automated or manual).


Sounds about right, I bet that’s going to be one more way of screwing people who use bots over.

I just don’t understand how Instagram can suggest to people that they should unfollow a large number of accounts while also blocking perfectly legitimate accounts from performing any actions for days on end.

I mean, imagine this: Instagram suggests you unfollow 20 people, so you start spam-tapping the “unfollow” button, and then Instagram blocks your account from performing actions because you performed too many actions in too short of a time frame.

It’s like there’s two different companies managing the platform and the 2 companies never communicate to each other so everything each company does is the complete opposite of what the other does.


Feels like it, but also by doing this they’re basically telling users to not engage and diminishing the value of their own platform as accounts decrease in size, so they end up quitting because of it?

VVV That makes sense too, everyone starts losing followers and then when people unfollow them in return they can’t grow so they’re forced to pay for ads to gain them back.

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I think they’re just gearing up to make the full transition into a pay-for-reach platform to be honest. Get rid of the accounts you don’t engage with so targeting can be more specific for advertisers, etc.

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I don’t think this will cause too many issues. It is accessed by going into your followings and then into a subcategory. People doing that most likely are going to be unfollowing people they don’t know/recognize anyways. It’s not pointing people out to the average users just doing their average thing. It only impacts people already looking for potential accounts to unfollow.


One thing IG discounts is the fact that everyone enjoys seeing likes, follows, etc. I have so many friends who stop using the platform because they are not getting action. You of course have people who solely use it to scan profiles, feeds, etc

Bottom-line - let us live IG!

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Agreed. Anyone who has time to do this I don’t want as a client.

I have two categories of clients:

Normal: I charge their cards $199 for years and never hear from them.

Psychotic: they bitch in between actions b/c they say we are inactive. And they email us seconds after we charge their card less than $99.


I don’t know how to feel about it. Mixed feelings.

If I want to be positive I would see it as a second chance it gives to some real ‚ghost‘ followers (who, as already mentioned, Instagram‘s crap algorithm itself creates by not showing them your content) to actually engage with your profile. If they decide to keep you, then they will see more of your content because they finally engaged with your profile by seeing it.


Agree with you man :man_shrugging:t2:@hexe

This might be a blessing in disguise. Folks want to get rid of ghost followers – well, majority will now say bye to you instead of you trying to find them and block them without the blocks of IG for to many actions in a time period.


LOL! Exactly my thoughts

Don’t get me wrong (it’s just how I see it) but isn’t that gonna be better if you value the quality of your page. Don’t look at it from an automation point of view. Look at it from the view of quality. IG gonna make us all value our followers more instead of the automation hoarding of followers. I personally prefer a 1 good follower than 1000 nonengaged followers. You have to have a good relationship with them. I read ppl ask about automation all the time. No one actually asks about giving the right reason for those followers to stay. Yea you have good content but you have to give if you wanna be given. Quality instead of quantity.