Instagram is being shown as a 'game' on facebook? (ss below)

Why are they calling it a ‘game’? See this link.
And what exactly do they mean by ‘no longer be available from 31st Dec’?

Hope they will not shutdown Instagram.

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They won’t,I don’t think so.

So many people on Instagram,it’s not that easy to shutdown.

And the above Link you sent is longer available on Facebook anymore.

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Is available still i just click it and open the same page

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I believe you have the answere right here:

They’ll properly create the app on another platform and release.

yes, that’s exactly what it is, you can’t shut down a multi-billion business overnight :grin: at least that what I’m hoping for.

@Luca Unless they really insist on getting rid of the name and go for one big facebook family.

Like you have facebook. Instagram becomes “facebook go” and whatsapp is renamed “facebook talk” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kidding bro…I can only imagen it’s due to the out phasing of adobe flash. Old goes out, new comes in.

yes that’s probably it, but I like the Facebook family idea very good indeed :joy: if an FB agent is watching this please take that to zucks :grin:

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He better pass on some $$$ for the ideas.
No shit He could properly sack half his staff.
We are doing all the tests for him, finding the holes reveal them here. FOR FREE.
They read on this forum 20 minutes later there is a Mega outage on IG and a new update available :grin:
Other than that we are the ones bringing all the cool ideas.
We on that playground runnin’ my man… You gotta be amongst the playaz on the field to know the game and whatssup :wink: