Instagram is deleting likes?!

Since yesterday (maybe the day before) Instagram deleted the likes of more than 100 of our clients most recent posts. Are you guys facing similar issues in the last days?

I don’t, but that can happen if the likes are bought, IG can easily detect that and delete them

Are you saying that it delete all likes from the posts or some number of likes are being deleted?

Maybe those users were disabled and likes have been removed because of that…

@Bianca Some of the likes, not all of them.

Could be that some likes were purchased yes. But that wasn’t an issue before.
Seems like Instagram is more aggressively deleting artificial likes now.

Around how many likes did they loose per post? I noticed that some of my latest posts lost a few likes (they lost around 5 likes) so I am assuming maybe those accounts were disabled.

I’ve also seen on Reddit people saying that recently they have been having massive follower drops so Insta is probably doing a bot purge

+1 to this. It’s been unreal the last few days

yep i believe it´s a purge

I think so. My daily unfollows is very elevated right now

My guess is that they are doing the purges now before the upcoming US election…

Best option till now

that was my first impression until yesterday, I was able to do almost 500 follow/day and my friend got to 1000 likes/day then everything changed in my mind :laughing: :laughing:

@Luca is this automated or manual?

Then it seems like Instagram is getting rid of some fake accounts and most probably these accounts were disabled and their likes are not counted anymore.

Yes, today I noticed that many of my recent posts have been loosing a significant amount of likes all at once.

@fokus and @Candydandy do you mind if I ask, what is the niche of the accounts were you have this situation? Is it some mix of different stuff or some specific niche?

@Bianca For me it was a mix of different stuff, but some of the likes are slowly starting to reappear so I don’t know what is going on

automated with Jarvee

you have good results, nice to see this, no blocks so far on this number of followings? is this for clients or your own accounts… can you tell me what proxies do you use