Instagram is Down? 5xx Server Error

Seems like IG is down

Yea, my main account won’t refresh.

It’s up again! :slight_smile:

when insta goes down for a few minutes, they often are messed up for half a day or more trying to recover…

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A few of my pages won’t refresh, but when I type them into internet explorer they are still there… I hate when IG does this :weary: almost think I’m getting banned

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Mine is still working slow.

Or they are “upgrading”

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I’ve noticed too… I was thinking that most of my clients accounts were banned :man_facepalming:

That’s what I’ve noticed over the past year… every time the system goes down or my page won’t refresh, a few hours later I notice changes in the app layout or other adjustments to the app. Good observation

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Typically those things happen on Fridays. I have not noticed any changes to the app.


The only interesting part is that it seems it was only the app, and not every region/country was fully hit. It dipped for a second in the US apparently, but for less than a minute. That sounds more like they rolled something out and needed to refresh and push it out. Wonder what they are up to.

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LOL someone getting called out on the down detector???

HesACheater • an hour ago
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Last update to iOS was 2 days ago.

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Algorithm change :blush:

Likes down 80 percent on big pages. Small pages seems okay.