Instagram is instantly removing the image I upload

Hello! I am trying to upload the images on my Instagram Account which I am running via a well known bot.

I am using Dedicated Proxy with it.

I upload the image, image get uploaded successfully but instantly it get removed.

I have tried this with 3-4 accounts with 3-4 different IPs totally.

Please help me here.


try to post image as video , you can do that if you are using jarvee .

Are you suspecting any issue?

try from your phone and if you cant post leave the account 1-2 days without any action and next time try from your phone or a new mobile proxy… most of the time this will solve your problem…
usually you need a better proxy provider…

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Okay. Do you recommend any good proxy provider though?

check this forum for residential or even better 4g mobile proxies sellers… :wink:


Use mobile proxies my friend :slight_smile:
Okay @dzerv said already :smile:

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There as like 40 of these threads. Please do not open a thread that there are already plenty of.