Instagram is reading your contacts!

I am not sure yet if it is from whatapp or from IG directly, but they have permission to read all your contacts!
This way they connect tons of bots to one person - > accounts/bots manager.
You all add your clients to your phone.

Take one manager, take 1000’s of bots, see that 100’s of contacts (even not directly but to someone that mange the account ads/content) are all in one person contact list. any new bot that is in this contact list will be flaged.
Please go to both whatapp and ig application and remove any permission !

  • an opinion of a security / networking engineer.

I never botted on my self but still blocked on browsers (on any computer), so they know I follow and like ppl with bot, or they have it from my contacts or they have it from they ppl I follow, but they have it.Also some new fresh account on real cellphone blocked too fast - they connect things now.


that may be borderlining paranoia. What if you are just super popular? lol

This does make sense to be honest. I would do it anyway just incase, I don’t think anyone follows people via mobile number anyway.


can you please add photos what exactly do you mean?

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i would assume thats for “suggested” users

same thing you have in Viber/WhatApp/Telegram… “list of people from your contacts who are using this app”

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yep i agree and many people would consider it as paranoi but the word itself evolve as much as we understand things so now days myself i dont think its paranoi but just a kind of caution and best practice maybe you should never use an adresse mail for boting and other things and also use browsers like thor to stay untrackable as possible or use ghoestery extention but then again you’re a marketer so even being targeted for ads may be a good thing for market research or new product discovery or inspiration for your next copy

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Does not make sense, more than paranoia :exploding_head:

I’m very paranoid about all these modern things following us, but this thread is definetely paranoia and nothing else. Sorry, but you can close contact from any app easily…

Turning those off in settings will not really help - there is another thread how Instagram enables GPS without permission :slight_smile:

em… okay, then let’s talk about Apple. NOBODY knows exactly what they can…
One more reason to be paranoid… :roll_eyes:

I don’t know if it is me who did not get the point (likely, since I didn’t read the thread carefully) or, are we talking about different things here.
We all know how all big companies track us. Also about rumours how 27% (or something like that) web cams are hacked (go to deep web, there are some odd “sites” with endless cams from laptops…) Just go near your phone and talk about the things you need and check ads after one hour - works almost everytime :smiley:
The reason why it is important with Instagram is that some people are switching to manual actions for their clients and are afraid that this will affect their clients. At least this is what I think the thread is about. If not, then sorry, my mistake :slight_smile:

Yes it is, you are right.
And my position is that they should simply turn off contacts in settings. And that’s it.
Because if they want to know something more - they will. That’s my position :wink: