INSTAGRAM is Testing Dark Mode

It was found by user on Twitter, I’d like to say that I don’t know this source personally, so in worst case scenario it can be fake.

Here is the picture:

And one more thing, Instagram has disappeared from Apple app store (it may be back the time I’m sharing this).

Have a nice day,

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I hope so! Love dark mode twitter.


Yes that is a feature that instagram is gonna bring but it is gonna take a couple months

Interesting :thinking:

Finally my eyes won’t hurt anymore at night!

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curious this novelty


what’s dark mode? making the picture black and white?

There will be option, where you will be able to choose either black or white Instagram theme.

Some people already have this feature on.

It makes sense to do it now when apple just released iOS 13 with the Dark Mode.
Sounds like a great incentive for them!

Does it save more bandwidth? Or just battery?

It saves battery if you have an OLED display :slight_smile:

that would look sick!

You got me
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It looks sick AF :fire: