Instagram Jarvee and Mobile Phone Usage

Hi I’ve tried looking everywhere for this information - hoping somebody could help.
I’m setting up my business IG account on Jarvee. Will be using follow/unfollow strategy. Problem is, although I am using my home IP. I use my IG account anytime during the day to get back to clients and make the occasional post over my phone - this is done at home and sometimes over 4G. If I am running Jarvee during the same time, surely this may be flagged as spam and IG could block / ban my account.

Would appreciate any help on this topic.

You can enable night mode in Jarvee in Settings > Software Settings (global night mode) or in the account’s advanced profile settings (local night mode). Set the night mode to the time when you will be using your account manually.

yes, exactly like @ossi said, you should never login and do actions from your phone when Jarvee is working, that will definitely cause you issues, so, the night mode is a great solution.

Thanks guys @ossi @Luca - would you suggest to do no actions at all when Jarvee is running, my partner usually replies to DM’s from clients as its a local business. I really hope that wouldn’t cause issues / bans?

yes, you should definitely avoid using your phone when Jarvee is working, it’s like Jarvee start to follow or like users and you just pressed send to a DM in the same exact time, how do you think Instagram will react to that, it definitely looks suspicious as a human cannot do to actions at the same exact time with no delay between the two actions.

Ok in that case I will have to set it up to work during the night only. Makes sense. Thanks!

yeah ,just make sure that when Jarvee is doing actions you are not and when you are doing actions from your phone Jarvee is stopped.