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Hi everyone!

New to the Forum. I’ve had a scroll around and seen your all really great at supporting people with their questions so here I go…

Brand new to Jarvee and wanting to set up 50 accounts initially for mother and child strategy and also accounts to build in my field to sell and then down the line get into it fully and make some money.

I’ve bought

Green cloud vps - HyperUS4

10 Social Media Proxies from highproxies

PVA yahoo accounts, PVA GMail accounts and old aged gmail accounts from Woorke

Problem I’m getting when creating accounts in Jarvee as there not creating?? I’m getting messages about internet connection and mine is fine? And other messages?

When I verify the servers they take around 19 attempts?? Is that normal?

Also where is the best place to buy Instagram ya m accounts that are reliable and good price?

Have I bought from the right places or are there better options?

Is there a full step by step guide anywhere for dummies with trusted preferred suppliers ?

Really appreciate your support

Hey @Corica, welcome! :slight_smile:

Always when you have some “serious” issues with Jarvee it’s better to contact their support. You will get help faster there.

Probably you will not get specific replies to your questions and specific recommendations for suppliers because they are gold :smiley: But you can go through the Public Marketplace here and see what is being offered and what are the comments from other users. #public-marketplace

You will never know if you made the best choice, so it’s better if you have possibility to try different suppliers and see what will work better for you :slight_smile:

Btw, Social Media proxies from High Proxies will work for other social networks, but not for Instagram. I think that you need to get Instagram proxies if you will use them for Instagram. Check with them.

Good luck!

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It would be best to contact their support when it comes to issues similar like yours. You can perhaps check in Embedded browser of that account to see if there are any verification requests by IG but if you are facing some other errors, then better contact them directly.

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dont use those proxies for your main accounts. only scrappers. get 4g rotating for those.