Instagram/Jarvee - notification issue

OK this is weird:

  1. Cannot get a client authenticated in jarvee even with the SMS or email code being requested. The client cannot seem to get either email or SMS for authentication purposes
  2. they do get them for when they change their email or their phone number in Instagram.
  3. I changed them both to my personal info and re-tried the authentication and still nothing was sent.

I reset the IDs and changed the proxy and still nothing. Never had this before.

I’ll be impressed with the person who can solve! Thanks in advance

They did ever receive the message on their end to approve “this was me” from your proxy’s location?

No they did not. I manage 100 accounts and have never had that happen before. I also thought it might be the location of the proxy and I switched that to the clients area still nothing. Incidentally I have had a couple clients that that Proxy location was an issue for. But it’s rare

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My best advice here would be to try to find a proxy that will not require email confirmation to login, Something close to your client’s location…

Thank you. Appreciate the help

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I also have had this happen. I had to refund a client the first time as nothing I did worked and they never received a notification. Now I have another client experiencing the same thing. I have moved to a different proxy and reset device ID. Still the client has not received any notification from Instagram.