Instagram keeps asking me to verify with phone number?

Hi guys!

So Im not sure if this belongs here but im having issues with my Instagram account.
Since 3-4 days i have been getting a screen on Insta app where it forces me to enter my number to verify myself, i cant go back, or do anything, the screen just stays there. When I give my number then I refresh my account and then firstly it does not show my posts, then after a few refresh it is all good. People have been telling me that they were searching my acc and did not find it…I guess this was during the time Instagram was asking me to verify myself.
I mean what the hell?..
It is a business acount, 1 year old, I did use an automation tool 1 year ago!!! but its long gone, I pay for promotions almos every day and I have 30k followers .
Oh and my last video just got somehow shadowbanned, none of the hashtags work :slight_smile:
Did anyone experience anything like this? Is this because of the war against Instagram bots?

Thank you for reading this,


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Not really your fault or automation’s fault here tbh. All sorts of accounts across the platform have been experiencing such issues in the last 2 months or so. I’ve seen large and small, clean and dirty accounts do well and bad. At this point, it is impossible to point out what the exact issues are and how to solve them. Your best bet is to keep going and hope for the best. There isn’t much advice to be given regarding your account, as from what I have seen, seems clean to me.

Good luck.


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If you used Instagram bots, that was probably the reason why. Also, this happens when you log in from another IP address or when you use proxies.

I have been receiving phone verification on a daily basis for the last week or so. Have you found a solution to this? Is it still hapenning to you?

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Hello @Gnrlly and @Rebecca_s

I have been experiencing the same thing here. How did you got over this situation?

I am managing 7 accounts and for 2 of them I have to daily verify my phone… This situation is really frustrating.

Any ideas?

what do you do after a pv?

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yes it is still happening.