Instagram keeps blocking my Auto Follow

Hello guys… looking for any type of help here. My account keeps getting blocked for the Auto Follow. Right when it starts it says blocked. I have not used any API service.

Many people have problems with action blocks atm.
You should probably pause automation for a week or two an then start again slowly.

Do you also get blocked if you follow manually ?
You can also try to relog and use a different connection

Hope I that could help you.

I don’t think that stopping his account for a week or two will help, he needs to find out what he is doing wrong.

Maybe he is using aggressive settings, using bad IP/proxy, not using scrapers …

Op should give us more details about what he is doing exactly, so we can have an idea.

There are a lot of things that could contribute to why the account gets blocks. Are you a Jarvee user? If yes, you can reach out to our support team via email so they can help accordingly.