Instagram keeps crashing, what could be an issue

Hello, one of my client’s is having problems with his instagram, he told me that his instagram keeps crashing, here is what he wrote:

“Everytime I go on Instagram it crashes. I tried reinstalling, I updated my phone rebooting, uninstalled apps. It still crashes Everytime I open it”

Maybe someone of you guys know what could be the solution to this problem? Let me know, thank you!

I’d say do the standard stuff like factory reset / installing old backup.
But definitely should be a software problem with his mobile.

hey thanks for the answer, he is using android, galaxy s10e. what would you recommend to do?

Factory reset. If this does not help it could also be a hardware problem like broken RAM.

I’d agree with this one. Has he checked if his phone has sufficient storage to accommodate Instagram?

Yeah… Few days ago I transferred few images of hief format from my iphone to my android and suddenly what I noticed is that my Instagram started crashing Even I felt some issue in my gallery it felt buggy. At first I thought that it’s some other issue… like i tried everything possible than what I did is I deleted those images from my phone and noticed that everything works fine now.

Only the IG app was crashing?

No… Not only ig… Phone’s default gallery was also crashing…

We’ve had that issue as well. Usually log out and not logging in for two-three days solves the issue. There is suppose to be a bug in content reading on certain android devices. Not seen that on iPhone though.