Instagram keeps crashing

For the past week, my IG keeps crashing and I realized only with one specific account.

Does anyone have the same problem, and know why this is happening?


What do you mean crashing?

All my IG accounts work fine - phone, tablet and browser. People on the forum are saying that there are some problems with posting - IG deleting posts after posted but this problem has been since December I guess.

I can’t stay in the app for more than 5-10 seconds. It just crashes on my phone

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I have no problems with it on my Android devices, so this might be your device/app related.

-restarting device,
-clear cache for Instagram app then restart device,
-update IG app,
-reinstall IG app.

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This happened to me last year. Just eventually stopped. Try logging in on chrome desktop and when open use your phone

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Hi did this get resolved? I am having the same problem now with my Business account over multiple devices (all iPhones) but my private account is fine