Instagram keeps phone verifying me immediately

I enter my phone #, get the 6 digit code. it opens up my account then 2 seconds later phone verifies me again. i tried the same number twice, unlocked it then phone verified it again. I then tried another # and same thing happened. In two years I have never seen this happen. What should I do?

I might get killed for saying this. You should leave the account for at least 24h before PVing again, if not a week.

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And now the account is suspended…great…

This was mentioned in another topic somewhere on the forum. The solution was trying different numbers.

Instagram will re-PV if they dont like the phone number. Other times you will get the red border telling you to use a different number.

Where are you getting your phone numbers?
SMS Verify Service?

PS I also agree that you should leave the account just sitting for 24 hours before trying to verify again. If you dont, you increase the chances of getting banned,

used text plus for first two tries, which worked fine a week ago. then used a sim card i had from us mobile

TextPlus numbers probably flagged the account. Almost if not all of the numbers have been banned by IG. The SIM should work, unless u have verified to many accounts with it.

My theory is that you already flagged your account when using TextPlus, and therefor any number (Good or Bad) you enter in after will not work.

yeah i figured that too but ive see a lot of ppl here say smspva or text now or text plus works just fine. yeah bullsh*t. i think i will stick with my paid sims at $4 per month. also i keep getting the same accounts that are aged either pw reset or phone verified. should i just stop posting pics? i think posting pics is what gets account looking suspicious.

I doubt that posting pics is the problem. I’m guessing you are doing something BH, reportings and bad proxies are the root of most PV.

You can also check if your settings need to be reconfigured. Its very easy to mess settings up.

For example: In MP there are some settings which allow you to set a minimum and maximum. Lets say by default the minimum is [ 5 ] and the maximum is [ 10 ]. Now lets say you want the minimum to be 20. If you enter 20 into the minimum, it will be automatically changed to [ 2 ] instead since 20 is above the maximum [ 10 ]

In order to prevent these mistakes from happening, always change your Maximum setting first, then change your Minimum setting.

If you have other accounts which are working perfecly, try coping their settings over to the account getting PVed. If that solves your problem, then the issue is with your settings.

If that does not solve your issue, it is probably a bad proxy, reportings, or BH methods as @DangerousMind said

minimum what?

also, off topic but using dynamic hashtags, do i include the # or not? (example) #fish, #fishing, #water or fish, fishing, water

For example you may have your reposing times minimum set as 2 minutes and your max set to 100 or something. This would cause your account to post between 2-100 minutes.

I wrote a guide about Dynamic Hashtags HERE or you can just cheat and read below.

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yes i just read that, however its a little confusing, i just need to know is the # included or not? i know where the comas go

so this way=> #fish, #fishing, #water
or this way => fish, fishing, water

This is the correct way