Instagram Lately Changes

Hey Guys Its Orel again
Hope all are well from covid-19
i believe many of you hear about instagram shuting leagcy api
which made me think why now?
why exectly 1 year after instagram big changes last year 2019 june block wave
also i started to think what they are planning we all know they know about bots
instagram know people still using it
Lately i saw alot of Errors on accounts login on J
“There was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon.”
which are fixed after few hours/ few pass changes/api-eb switching

im thinking if it happens in purpose if instagram flags us even with 4g proxies (i built my own so same location as the clients)

i want share this with all of u so ill know if any1 else thought of this and have maybe more info than me
thanks for reading this and have a great weekend guys and happy botting :smiley:


I think the main reason why IG is shutting down the legacy API is so that 3rd party apps can’t collect data or information from IG users. I read somewhere that because of the data breach that happened at Facebook (which owns IG) they are doing this to “protect” it’s users information and privacy. But the IG access token will still work and you just have to switch to the graph API or the basic one. I’m not too sure though which apps/sites are actually getting affected by this or if this will affect bots, and someone already told me that Jarvee will be fine and this change does not affect their system.

I think one of the main differences is shutting the legacy API (AKA public API), and another change all the API’s (that will affect the unofficial reverse-engineered ones too).

If the second scenario happens then I guess there will be some days down till they reverse engineer it again.

Nothing new, but the usual cat and mouse race attached of using the unofficial API.

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Yeah maybe some sites might be down at first but I bet they will probably find a way to transition. Especially if they are making a lot of money, it’s not like they are going to give it all up. I’m just so tired of IG making all these changes and updates.

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What i know is that recently instagram announced that it will no longer allow login to third party applications, but I see that many are still working and in some topics on the internet they say that this may just be rumors, but in fact many applications like linktree already announced that they will no longer be able to connect to instagram

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When was this announced?

This is what Instagram said

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Thanks! 13chars