Instagram latest update killing earnings

Lately with this new IG update my earnings have dropped like crazy. So what happens: When you click on the link on BIO the user gets to my LP from IG browser and after going to the page where the user has to download the app a message pops up that says “Leave Instagram. You’re about to open another app.” the user has to click Cancel or Yes and this is the main reason click have dropped, because the user is afraid to click Yes. But even if he clicks yes, it doesnt send you to the download page for the app, but it opens a new browser outside of IG and gets you again to the LP and you have to do it over again to get to the app download. I dont know if there is a method to fix this, but if anyone has found it please share it because this is getting very frustrating!! Thank You!!

I don’t know if you’re on OGAds and if you’re referring to the same problem stated there, but my best guess would be that it is indeed the same problem written on OGAds.
I quote:

Instagram has updated their internal browser again for iOS. Their update is causing issues with app install link redirects. The browser tries to open the app and the current page at the same time outside of the instagram browser. This is a global issue with Instagram, you can see for yourself by going to and clicking their link. We are trying to develop a work around but we might have to wait for Instagram to realize their error and revert their change.


Yeah Im on OGAds and I have read that but its been almost a month and they havent found a solution yet. I And about what they say at the end “…we might have to wait for Instagram to realize their error and revert their change.” I dont think IG thinks that is an error and I dont think IG will revert their change. I guess we just have to deal with this :frowning:

Might be true, but I do indeed think that it is an error, otherwise they would shut down app store/play store redirects completely, and not only on iOS in some cases. If they decide to do so, I guess we’ll all have to switch to PIN submits.

Well I hope so and I hope they fix it ASAP. Thank you and good luck with your earnings :slight_smile:

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Admin from ogads said that they will release shortener in this week to fix this issue.


Thats great, will be waiting for it, thank you

You can try switching the offer type sort for CPA. For the time being.
Or Change network.
I too noticed lower iOS convertions. Android is just fine.
I get iOS leads, but i assume they are using older Instagram App Version.
Will see what can OGAds come up…

I opened few links and seems like IG opens links like it always does idk waht u guys are talking about

I dont want to change network, OGads is the best network for the method Im using, so Im just going to wait until they find some solution!


SwagWaffle I open it from my iPhone and it does not look ok as I explained above!

Are you trying it from iOS ?

Yeah, me too. Hope they find a solution soon.
CPI Offers for iOS pays more than Android.
For now i will keep on CPAGrip…

yes im trying any link i usually click on iphone 6 & desktop computer everything opens just normal.

I guess the issue isn’t with opening links, it’s when you try to download an app from that link.


This does not seem to be true for all app. I just checked it with Tinder. It i interesting to see what is the reason behind this.

You are probably opening links that stay within the IG browser. However, if the link is to a LP for an App on the AppStore, IG requests your approval to open another app. Once you give the approval in stead of opening the AppStore, it opens Safari and opens the same LP again, make the process a bit more tedious for potential customers. Every additional step makes you loose downloads on your app.

However, it is interesting that this is not a phenomenon that repeats on all LP links.

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This is especially bad if you are earning through CPI :slight_smile:

I’m gonna start using MP to promote my apps, and get downloads. I earn through inapp. So, I think this should effect me a bit less.

My apps are already making money, however I’m hoping to boost earnings through MP generated visits and downloads.