Instagram Like Blocking

Has anyone else experienced a huge restriction on the number of likes one can automate through an account in the last 1-2 months?

Used to not have any issues at-all.
Now it seems IG is cracking down to try and get more people to spend $ on ads because Zuck wants to milk all his assets before people jump ship.

I’ve been seeing this happen both on aged accounts and new accounts. I previously saw another thread showing a “Jarvee action calculator” but thought I’d see if anyone had any additional thoughts on best go around. Like for instance, instead of using “likes” I’m thinking I may just use “Like Comments”.

It seems that account-based automation may be the way of the past, and content-based automation (with engagement groups, power likes, etc.) may be the way to go forward from here. Curious to hear anyones thoughts on the matter.

I’m using an aged account and I got like blocked with the “Like After Follow” setting after about 100 likes with 50-90 second delay. AND my regular Like tool is off. Strange. I’ll try going without liking after follows for a bit.


I run into this a few weeks ago and switch off all forms of auto liking. I didn’t notice any difference to be honest in terms of account growth, but didn’t really checked if reach of posts has been affected since I started to like comments and answer them by myself immediately after that.

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Thanks for sharing @nodeuce. Mine have mainly been regular “like” blocks but now since its been happening more often with different types of accounts I’m going to test “like comments” and see what the limit is because I have some accounts who have now been getting blocked after only 100 likes as well.
I’m trying to determine if it’s determined by the behavior or the proxy moreover.

Have you had any issues since switching to LC vs L? (“Like Comments” vs “Likes”).

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Sorry for not being clear. I switched off Like tool entirely (Likes and Like Comments) and all I do is manually liking comments when I’m replying to them.

I didn’t experience any issues since this happened.

My setting for liking was around 200-300 likes a day


Thanks for letting me know.
I think what I’m going to try is 2 things:

  1. trying try liking + like commenting
  2. just like commenting but adjusting the settings of the operation timers more to be humanlike with
    more frequent operations with less time duration.
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I have turn off my like bot almost completely since months to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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I found the like blocks got worse a couple of months ago. So I did some testing…

Warmed up account using datacenter proxies is 175-200 likes per day with an hourly rate of <29
Warmed up account using real home proxy is 275-325 likes per day with an hourly rate of <29
New account OR old account that hasn’t been active 10-20 MAX per day then build up slowly. Seen an account blocked at 25 likes and banned two days later at 21 likes!

The numbers aren’t measured daily but over a number of days. Like blocks normally come after a period of a few days of high activity.
I don’t personally believe that how the like is done is important, just hourly rates and daily totals. So just do likes in one tool, or use maths to manage your hourly/daily rates. If you use like after follow, like tool & LE it’s easy to go wrong without serious understanding of the tools and doing some maths.

Happy liking :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your insights @Avo. I recently had a client account disabled for what appears to have been sending too many messages, it seems based on what you’re saying is the important thing is to not exceed hourly operational thresholds, in this case under 29 actions/hr for liking.

Since we’re all in this together, what is the total number of actions you aim to stay under when it comes to: F/UF/Liking/Commenting/DM’ing? It would be great to have this thread become a place where any-one of us can post updates they’ve seen so we can all stay on top of IG’s algo updates that may hinder any number of us from achieving the growth we desire or not being able to serve our clients. I know there is a “Jarvee Calculator” thread - did you use that or just testing another way.

Will keep you guys posted as I see any changes. It seems for the last 2-weeks though they’re continuing to clamp down on the # of actions by any user no matter what it is.

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I keep follow below 500 a day which seems to be a safe number <30 actions per hour
Unfollow 550 max per day @ <30 actions per hour.

Having the two quite close also keeps your followings number fairly consistent so it doesn’t change hugely every day, 500 in and 500 out is my target.
These numbers are good for a datacentre proxy (that is not already abused).

I don’t DM or comment so can’t give any feedback on that. It could be that the messages were reported by the receiver as spam?

The calculator is really helpful and I checked it once for reference as it’s got some useful limits and advice. I work my numbers out manually and test, then copy settings to other accounts once I’m happy that it’s sustainable. There are so many variables like scraping (searching) times and proxy speed that can affect the numbers you achieve so I prefer real testing and replication of success.


I don’t even bother with likes anymore. Straight up like block.


On warmed up accounts I use likes to boost follow back ratio for a special project of high value targets, or to engage with followers to keep engagement rates higher.


Also implemented comment liking recently across all accounts, old and new. This is a strategy to up the engagement again. I found quite a lot of old followers came back and re-engaged, so for me it works.


Hey Avo

We were on similar testing. I found staying at or under 29 likes per hour is the key. Greatly reduced like blocks after doing that.

I’ve also added Comment Liking recently too, but for a different reason than yours. My theory is that it might throw off IG’s liking limits, as doing F/UF seems to allow you to avoid Like Blocks. So mixing up various tasks might help avoiding blocks.

Edit: The like blocks started in early December for me and seemed to peak in late February. Since then it has decreased. Could be wishful thinking, but I think they may phase them out and it was just a way to scare the casual botter (not us!).


And check your errors. Not all are the same. If you get a 403 forbidden then you need to change the website you use to verify proxies to Instagram or Facebook.

JARVEE gets the 403 error and will stop the like tool. (At least, that’s the case for me, since I changed it I get no errors and more likes)


I’ve only seen the ‘Instagram has blocked this action’ block that lasts 24 hours exactly.
At this point I stop the account for 24 hours and then resume with very safe rates before building back up to what I now know are the limits.

Steady and safe progress really means that when you hit the limits you know exactly where they are :slight_smile:

When I started with Jarvee the tools would run away and I would hit limits not having a clue what a safe value could be.

Now running 10 accounts on Jarvee after starting with one on the 18th January!


Thanks for contributing your experience to the thread @Race44 - seems I recently am getting Like Blocked and I am not even automating “Liking” anymore. How peculiar v_v.

I do agree however as they are trying to scare-off those who don’t want to adjust to the change and force them to buy ads, but not the rest of us :wink:

Hi, Try to give some rest to your account if you are frequently doing the actions on your account with bot.

Also, Make sure the quality of your accounts and the proxies are good enough to rule out them as the cause of it.

I’m having upload block on some accounts at this point. I’m giving them 2-3 days break and let’s see how they come up after 2-3 days when I re-try.