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Hi guys, I just got into management a person who has 57K, and has the account verified, he told me that he uses Fuelgram, I just heard the word Fuel have straightened my hair, has a personal brand, as I can remove Fuelgram but at the same time do not lose the likes that receives 3,000 - 4,000 to photos, its coverage is very low 6000-7000 max, I think it is caused by Fuel, does not have much budget, it pays me a little, how can I solve?

Thank you so much

I heard that Fuelgram is a scam though…


YES, even me, in fact I want to understand how to replace it. I’m looking for someone who can suggest a solution

Fuelgram is a scam. You have to have the same niche and have the followers follow you. Getting likes from a bunch of randoms is just a vanity play. Not worth the cost.

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where do I find alternatives? can I make it?

The real problem with fuelgram is they will essentially say your content isn’t viral enough to grow as it should. So they have a “cop-out” right from the very start.

Secondly, likes from a bunch of big accounts means nothing if its not in your niche. Lastly, if the accounts arent even following you, there is absolutely no point with the new algorithm. I could see it working for accounts that just curate viral content, but I feel that 95% of us are either promoting a brand and our accounts are not trying to blow people’s minds with near-fake-looking posts.

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I know, but if the limit of likes for hour is around 60, how can create a telegram group with 250-260 people post in the same time ? What’s your suggest for delete Fuelgram and use a organic system