Instagram Limits Follow & Unfollow Limit

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I have a question

  • How Much is the Follow & Unfollow Limit for Instagram as of today in 2020 ?
  • If i am using jarvee is the limit same? (which proxy is recommended )

I just created my account and i am manually doing 300-500 (80 per hour )Follows from my iphone below is my link

150-200 follow each per day. 5500-6000 each per month.

300-500/day is not sustainable for very long as you would find out soon if you haven’t already.


It’s recommended to follow/unfollow below 200 users per day in Jarvee. You would get hard blocked if you keep following 300-500 users per day or worse your account would get temporary locked status. It’s too aggressive. Use 4G mobile proxies for main accounts, and dc proxies for your scraper accounts.


I’ve even experience blocks on just 150 follow and u follow a day… Currently following only 80-100 a day…

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This is the current limit in 2020:

Follow & Unfollow - 10-20/hour,100-150 a day,4000-6000/month

This depends on your account age,previous history and a lot of things,above limits are for new accounts and aged accounts also but for new accounts,you should start slow for 1-2 weeks and then you can hit these limits easily.

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