Instagram Locked for Possible “phishing”

My Instagram has been locked for several months due to possible phishing activity. I don’t have access to the email I used when I signed up. I also don’t have a phone number of Facebook account connected to the account. I have pictures of myself in this account and would like it removed if I can’t get back in, so pictures aren’t floating around. Has anyone even successful unlocking their account? Or is there a way that I can get Instagram to just delete it? I’ve filled in the forms, reported the profile, let the account rest for months, sent in the pics to fb… but nothing has worked so far.

Which form did you fill in and submit? Did you try to report the account as hacked by submitting the support request form?

Are you saying the IG account is connected to FB, but you don’t have access to the FB account as well?

I filled in several different forms. Anything to get their attention. I also reported the account with every violation they had listed, to get their attention. Nothing is working. I don’t think it’s right to have my photos online in an inactive profile. I want them to remove my account or let me back in.

No, the account is not connected to a Facebook account or phone number. The email I used to create it doesn’t exist any more. So when they send a code, I cannot receive it.