Instagram login issue

Basically I cannot log in my instagram account with proxy+browser (on the login page, I write user and password, click login and then Instagram sends me back to the login page, it’s like a loop!) but I can login with the app or using my home connection.
I even tried to change the proxy but nothing happens.
Any ideas?

Instagram is having issues.

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Perhaps some changes being made in the background?

Two of my friends had a similar issue logging in yesterday and waited until today to try again. They were both successful and upon checking from the app they had a suprise: their IG feed was in chronological order!

They were so happy they had to post about it. Unfortunately I still have a to wait a day or two to see it :tired_face::rofl:

I’ve been hearing about that as well, but who knows what IG us ever up to. Some people report clearing your browser cookies will fix it.

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