Instagram login problem in Jarvee

I’m trying to login insta in jarvee but its keep saying " INTIALIZING" . I tried EB to manually login and its working fine. even tried mark valid manually but when its run to action Jarvee ask for verify account
can anyone please help me ?

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make sure that you have the Instagram URL on your proxy manager tab (jarvee) then re-very the account by removing the username and re-enter it and see how it goes, if the issue persists contact Jarvee support.

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This could be a proxy issue as @Luca said. But I would rather contact support to get help faster. So marking as valid doesn’t help?

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You can also mark it as Valid but it’s better to do what Luca suggested.

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try after resetting device details. May be it will work

Hi! I had the same problem, I contacted the Jarvee team and they solved it within the day. I therefore recommend that you contact them too.

Marking it is valid works if you set the account to use only the EB. If you don’t have the “use only the EB” option checked, the account still needs to log in via API. Can you re-enter the username in Settings tab, then click Verify account again? it should not get stuck at initializing if you can log in to the account EB /your proxy is fine. What’s the account status after that? Is it Email confirmation?

me too… Pls help me

you should try all that we suggested above and if non-works you need to contact JV support team