Instagram m/s network

I would like to hire someone to setup 500 m/s accounts.
How much would this cost me per month? it would be on for a personal account.
Please react on this thread with your price. I will send a PM if i am interested

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If you want someone reliable, calculate with min. 20€ per child account per month. Assuming you want to have 500 child accounts that live “forever” and are build like a niche account.
20€*500 = 10k per month min


  • Hello, as @SuperSuppe stated, the price isn’t 5 € /mo per child account anymore. You should be able to find a few serious providers here, with the prices going from 10 € to 30 € /mo per child, depending on quality & setup.

  • From a different angle, if you already have a growth expectation, you can roughly calculate it this way : from 0.25 to 0.5 $ / follower. Most of providers tend to charge >0.3 $ / follower, tho.

In any cases, you should indeed have some budget to adventure on this kind of growth

Hey, it’s definetly not as cheap as it used to be, my price for MPsocial members is 15€/account/month. However It’s not only about the price per account, but more about the results each child produces.

We all use similar, yet still different setups, thus delivering better or worse results. Some providers might produce 1 follower/child/day while others can produce more, like 3-4, so what I would suggest you to do is instead of just going for 500 childs with one provider try 3-4 different ones a 100 accounts and see for yourself who delivers the best ROI for you!

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