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It is my 1st post on this platform. I saw many people are discussing here, so probably it’s a good place to ask. I manage some IG accounts for customers. The followback ratio is pretty good for me (30%+) and they are local, relevant people. The issue is that I get very close to the 7500 followed people. I did everything till now from mobile, rarely got any follow blocks. The accounts are 2 months old. I need to start unfollowing. While follow is something to do very fast I would think of automation on my mobile to unfollow? Do you have any recommendations for this? I’m looking for some trusted mobile apps. I did try Captivate for follow, but got blocked almost immediately so I did everything manually till now. I would be very happy if somebody could recommend a safe way to do unfollow and / or follow actions on mobile.

Thank you!!!

Captivate is little harder to understand how to use it successfully nowadays, but I recommend cleaner. Batches of 39 actions.
To perform another batch simply log in to a different account and log in back to the first account. You can do all your daily unfollows in 10 minutes.
If you get action block, go manual for few days and back to cleaner.

PS: you will get ab quickly if those accounts heavily abused the system before or had many ab’s

Thank you very much for your quick help! Yes, I want to keep the limits, do not risk. Is this the one you mentioned?

How much should be the daily unfollow? max 200?

Thank you!!!

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Yes, that’s the app.
Used it for years, unfortunately it’s super simple so it’s easy to get blocks, but do your tests, be patient and it will pay off.
I won’t tell you how many, it depends on the account and many other things, do the tests because me saying 200 a day or 900 a day won’t mean much.


Hi. I’m not sure what is the reason, but anytime I try with the app I can do max 10-15 unfollows within 2-3 hours, but if I try manually I can do 100 without any issues. Do I do something wrong?