Instagram Marketing category guidelines


The Instagram Marketing category is for anything related to Instagram, how to grow your accounts and make money. If your topic is related to MP add it into the relevant subcategory.

This is not a support forum, for any support questions about Mass Planner please use the contact form within the software.

Some of the topics that should be in here are :

  • new ideas to make money
  • best settings for your tools
  • how to set things up and how to avoid being banned
  • generally anything Instagram related


Is it OK to post affiliate links in Journeys/methods?


Hi everyone, so excited to see this topic. I just taught an Instagram for business training yesterday and I learned, while brushing up on the latest, cutting edge, Instagram monetization strategies. What I have noticed, mostly is that monetization strategies are leaning so much more towards influencer marketing techniques. Especially with Stories! What has anyone else discovered around this? I’d be interested to hear.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!