Instagram marketing meeting Los Angeles 2019?

I’m so game.

I can open up for you DJing. :notes:

Btw I’ll throw out dates that work for me in case it lines up with others availability, haven’t seen any proposed days yet. I’ll be in LA July 27-Aug 1st.

I am down. Was just in Vegas this last weekend

I’m in San Diego

I live in Phoenix/Scottsdale :sunglasses:

how can you live in two cities at once? :joy: i kid i kid. it was hot af today. nice to meet another local on the board

Haha grew up in Phoenix, Old Town area now. Way too hot so LA is a move for sure, nice to meet you as well!

This is such a dope idea! I’m in Salt Lake City and would be down to LA in a heartbeat.

What day works best for everyone?

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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So is this actually going to happen? I would be so down!

What dates are we looking at here?

@SerenaB @andreokfel @AndyDew @gtwomedia @jassnoopy

Did meeting ever occur?

Let’s do itttt!!! Im down in SD and would be down to trek up for this