Instagram marketing meeting Los Angeles 2019?

since I know a lot of you are from the LA area we should all gather up, it would be a powerhouse… I live in Huntington beach right next to the pier , if you guys have any ideas let me know


maybe a thread with everyone’s marketing niche and profession and some other info would be better? Like experience level and all that.

I feel like this is a bit to random.


Hey I am also in Los Angeles but I have a niche industry too, of you would like to create a meet up and host I can get sponsors from bumble bizz.

Im also in LA when are you trying to meet? Im in woodland hills

I’m in west hills!

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dude no way me too where are you in west hills?

Hi guys,

I have a small boutique agency and I’m located in Santa Monica, CA. We currently manage over 100 accounts and growing! I’d love to have a meetup.


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I’m in LA for the week down to meet people :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t be opposed to having a brewery meetup or rent a wework office for a few.

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I am in Redondo Beach right near the Pier
About 500 600 pages
But I am headed To Euorpe for 17 days so if you meet up after that I am in

@mrsmith would probably be interested too

I am willing to came from Israel !
I am also a bot / software / communication eng.


“Im also a bot“


I’m in LA until the 25th of June (playa del ray), but will be back (Encino) in late July. Would love to meet up!

Ill come up from SD!

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I’m in SM in LA, down to meet…There’s a solid network of strong marketers in LA

I’m in Hollywood.

Sounds like a great idea.

Ok well now that we are all saying where we are from, let’s schedule something if people want to follow through.

Im coming from Vegas… :slight_smile:

Fat AIRBNB Mansion party/get together… lol

thatd be dope as fuck. I’ll dj and come up from Phoenix, whos coming with me?