Instagram marketing questions

Hi ive been looking ways to make money online and ive noticed this forums is quite active in the instagram marketing section so i thought i would give this a go with building then selling instagram accounts. Just wanted to know a few things so i know if im on the right track when doing this.

How long it’ll take to get 10k followers? Is there a certain niche i should choose and should i make multiple accounts on the same niche? At what follower range should i sell the account? How long does it take for the account to sell? Price range along with followers range.
Any response will be a huge help. Ill be active here from now on and i hope it will go well for me and you guys.

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Instagram has set new limitations to automate commenting and following/unfollowing actions.(like,dm,stories…) you should try to create accounts and automate actions because a lot has changed (google translate)

First, you have to understand that there is a lot of things that affect the quality of account which affects the price range. You don’t have to start from zero with every account you want to grow and sell. Buy a few cheap ones, grow further than sell, but first check how good they are (use tools like a “social blade”). I’m sure someone will help with more tools. Depend on a niche and how good your automation is you can get 10k fast, but sometimes its gonna be frustrating doing it. Check a few posts on growth hacks on the forum and see how to start and what niche is most profitable. Selling accounts is the same as selling any product. Find clients interested in buying send DMS, emails, find a few forums where you can sell, and see can you arrange a price for it. Good luck bro.