Instagram Marketing travel


Is there a way to combine this business with client management with traveling around the world?

I would love to travel but im afraid that my proxies fuck up in germany or france or i dont know, do you guys have some tips how to combine this thing?


Use a VPS brotha


do a vps solve the problem bro?


Its in the cloud running all the time and you can connect anywhere you have wifi, your proxies wont be affected on the server


Access my VPS from anywhere, laptop, tablet, even mobile on 4G if I need to.


Thats whatsup. yeah man I use remote desktop on my iphone. Makes running this business even doper! When you tell people you own your own business and can connect anywhere and pop out your phone and you have your server they’re like forreal…


Yeah man. This is what I do full time. You already work remotely from home doing this business, just take it on the road. It also helps to keep expenses low when overseas. My biggest challenge starting out was not the VPS and proxies but being too many timezones away from my client base.


Any travel tips you can shed light on that would help a MP user to become a nomad like yourself?

I want to travel sooo bad!


Yeah man, let me put together a guide on everything from how to negotiate long term rates on Airbnb and how to navigate airline points and their credit cards.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it’s important to be close to entrepreneurial hubs where a lot of other nomads gather - like in Bali, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, or Lisbon. Where I’ve often screwed up is when I go often the beaten path like where I am now in Maceió, Brazil. No one here speaks English, things don’t always work, internet isn’t reliable, and overall don’t feel as safe when I leave my apartment.

The best source of guidance I’ve gotten on where to be is on Nomad List. It breaks down every where digital nomads are with cost of living guides and wifi speeds.

EDIT: What I love most about being a digital nomad is I no longer feel the need to keep up with Joneses. I no longer give a shit about what kind of car I drive or what I wear. This freedom has really allowed me to better focus on the business overall. And also to create epic content for my personal IG, which I view as almost equally important in terms of the business. By creating and posting epic content, I usually pick up a couple clients after every post with the exposure I wouldn’t otherwise get.


Man you guys are absolutely amazing, its a dream to know that some guys do this shit what I want, I already have the money and stuff but dont know how to start, Now I know that a VPS would help and your story intothenight is very inspiring men!