Instagram mass account to gain website clicks

Hello I usually run Twitter on jarvee with 4g proxies (from proxy6).
I want to add 50 IG accounts for long term using and not high settings, more the stable way.

  1. What accounts should I buy?
  2. Can I use my 4g proxy6 proxies or do I need new ones?
  3. Can I link my URL on 50 profiles or do I need better solution? (or just link my main IG profile?)
  4. What settings can I do for Follow/Like/DM ? Maybe even publishing?
  5. What accounts do I need for scraping and how many?

I want to bring as many niche targeted users to my website somehow.

It’s better to use aged accounts, new accounts will be banned quickly.

Also, don’t put the same link in all your Twitter accounts, I recommend using a different landing page for each account to redirect traffic to your own website.

Twitter Autoredirect? On Twitter I use a landing page and people have to click a big button to get what they want and then get to my main page. Could I auto-redirect this or would Twitter recognize that?

And IG: Here I really need 1 landing page per account?
Could I use from my mail provider ‘‘alwaysthesame. com/xycb3vs7’’ and duplicate this landing page 50 times with different ‘’/xycb3vs7’’ of course. Then maybe even use bitly
Visitors will come to the site click a big button to get their deal and get redirected or would Instagram recognize this?

No, it’s not a good idea.

Yes, 1 landing page for each account is a good idea.

You can try that for Twitter, but for IG I will not do that.

FOR TWITTER: I run same landing page on tw mass accounts and get no suspensions. Just lose 20% of the traffic because people have to click on a button to get to my main page, thats why I am askin if its possible to auto-redirect so I get all 100% to my main page. You know what I mean?

FOR IG: I thought I should do that for twitter with 1 landing page per profile? what landing page then?
alwaysthesame .com/12345, alwaysthesame . com/54321 …etc in 50 varations for 50 IG profiles. THats what I have thought. Is that ok?